Sifin diagnostics

The company Sifin diagnostics gmbh (Germany) was founded on the basis of the former institute “Staatliches Institut für Immunpräparate und Nährmedien”. Thanks to the investment of a German family of entrepreneurs in 1992, the diagnostic department (microbiology and blood group serology) was able to survive the merger. Since then, sifin diagnostics gmbh has been constantly developing and has firmly entered the diagnostics industry. Over the past few years, the Company has strengthened its export activities and especially developed the markets of Europe and Asia.

sifin diagnostics gmbh offers more than 600 standard products in the field of microbiology and immunology. In addition, a significant part is contract manufacturing: the company produces culture media according to the customer’s recipe, optimizes a cell line to order, or provides monoclonal antibodies in the desired format in the form of ready-to-use, concentrates or large volumes.

Thanks to the experience and competence of the highly qualified staff, sifin diagnostics gmbh, the reliability and flexibility of our company to meet the requirements of our customers, sifin diagnostics gmbh has an excellent reputation in the international diagnostics market.

MICRONAUT is a trademark of the MERLIN product line for automated microbial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) of clinically relevant bacteria and yeasts. It is available exclusively from sifin diagnostics gmbh

We offer a wide range of products produced by Sifin diagnostics gmbh, namely specific test reagents for serotyping in clinical and veterinary diagnostics. The tests are based on monoclonal antibodies. This results in strong and specific agglutination without cross-reaction.

All antibodies were developed in-house by Sifin diagnostics gmbh and produced in-house. The products are offered as ready-to-use reagents in dropper bottles or in bulk to IVD companies.

  • Salmonella diagnostics
  • Shigella diagnostics
  • Yersinia diagnostics
  • Coli diagnostics
  • Test tube stand

Sifin diagnostics gmbh is a manufacturer of more than 250 different culture media and additives for the cultivation of microorganisms or special growth promotion of particularly fastidious species.

  • Dehydrated culture media
  • Dietary supplements supplements
  • Reagents for detection
  • Ready-to-use culture media
  • Basic materials