About us

UkrMedialab is your reliable partner

LLC “NVF Ukrmedialab” was founded in 2011 and is an official representative and distributor of products of such well-known global companies as:

  • HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited (India)
  • Sifin diagnostics gmbh (Germany)
  • LGC Standards (Poland)
  • TCS Biosciences (UK)

The mission of the company “Ukrmedialab” is, first of all, to care for the health of the nation by providing diagnostic laboratories of medical, veterinary, research institutions, as well as laboratories of food, pharmacological, cosmetology and other industries, with guaranteed high-quality products for medical purposes.


HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited
Sifin diagnostics gmbh
TCS Biosciences
LGC Standards

Benefits of working with us

We take great responsibility for our cooperation and build it on mutually beneficial and trusting relationships. We value our reputation as a reliable partner who always fulfils its obligations at a high level and in a timely manner. We work directly with leading manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the USA, so we are confident in the high quality of our products.

Responsible attitude to cooperation

Reputation as a reliable partner

Minimum number of complaints

Impeccable quality of the supplied products


Trivima Bioprinter

Dear All, Today, we want to announce another great news about advanced instrumentation from HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited Cell Biology