HiMedia Laboratories Pvt.

HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited is part of a group of global companies that have developed their own technology and have high-tech know-how for the production of microbial nutrient media.

We offer a huge range of different compositions of chemical media produced by HiMedia: from standard to specific customer orders; environments for clinical research, needs of the food industry, for environmental research, water; used in the cosmetic industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

This list also includes means recommended by pharmaceutical companies for various fields of application: sterility tests, tests for determining the total microbial count, etc.


HiMedia has developed its own production technology and occupies a significant place among global companies with high-tech know-how for the production of microbiological nutrient media. The company offers a very wide range of nutrient media; standard media and specific dry media for use in various industries: clinical, food, environmental, cosmetic, dairy, water, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Dry nutrient media
  • Fundamentals of nutrient media
  • Additives To Nutrient Environments
  • Materials for differentiation
  • Definition of Antibiotic Sensitivity
  • The environment is ready
  • Equipment and consumables

Animal Cell Cultures

We offer a wide range of classic environments manufactured by HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited, balanced salt solutions, reagents, sera, consumables and plastic dishes, chemical and biochemical substances necessary for cell culture.
  • Classic Environments
  • Kits for cell culture
  • Reagents
  • Reagents
  • Products for cytogenetics
  • Food For Insects
  • Serums
  • Serum-free nutrient media and reagents
  • Special Wednesdays
  • Stem Cells and the Environment

Molecular biology

Nucleic acid (NC) purification kits offered by HiMedia provide a fast and efficient way to purify nucleic acids from a variety of samples.
  • Kits for DNA isolation
  • RNA isolation kits